fire 'pit' table plans?

Hey Folks,

Apologies to those in sci.engr.joining.welding, i kind of manually cross-posted this...

After my mom returned two different fire 'pit' patio tables to the store she bought them from, i signed my brother and i up to building her one. We're both rookies, but have been looking for a project like this to get started. We have a MIG welder, chop saw, grinders, etc.

I was going to try to whip up a plan from scratch but wondered if any of you folks might know where i could find some to start from. I'd like to use either slate or thick tile for the table surface and have a square center for the pit (which will probably be the base from a cheap grill). I like the 'grid' look of 12" or 18" tile, but am not going to be picky at this point.

Any pointers would be much appreciated!!!


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Hey Bob,

No plans, but think twice about using a BBQ "bottom". They melt pretty easy. They don't normally get touched by any material, and never by a flame, as the flame is used above.

You've got the tools, so make it out if sheet steel.


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Brian Lawson

Made the fire pit out of 1/2" steel plate. You wouldn't want to be accused of not doing it right, would you? Otherwise, your mother might ground you and take away your internet p*rn access. ;)

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