First spring

Wound my first spring today.
Whoo hoo!
First try - fit perfect.
1/4 inch arbour + old guitar string.
Pressure spring for the contacts in my compressor pressure switch.
Thanks to Guy Lautard and others who have taken the time to instruct.
Makes falling off a log seem complicated.
Ken (one happy camper today)
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Ken Davey
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It's nice when things work out right, isn't it?
Now that you've got the bug, you can go here to learn how to make more complex springs.
formatting link
Jeff (Who still remembers how he felt when someone smarter than him pointed out that a coil spring is just a torsion bar packed into a more compact form.)
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Jeff Wisnia
Thanks Jeff. I already had that site bookmarked. It is one of the resources I gave the general thanks for. And now for a reality check. I know from experience that 'madness' lurks here. Sort of reminds me of my first lathe cut thread. Absolutely perfect without the slightest effort - and in stainless no less!. Now, many buggered up attempts later...................... I know better. Rule #1 - If it seems too easy to be true it isn't. #1-b - A trap or two (or several - possibly an unlimited number) is built into every easy procedure. Rule #2 - NOTHING worthwhile doing is easy. Rule #3 - Beginners luck over rules all the rules. Rule #4 - There are no rules. The universe will eventually get you. Rule #5 - Murphy was right.
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Ken Davey

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