FOR SALE: Atlas QC54 Work in progress (almost finished)

Well, the time has come for me to give up my blood, sweat, and tears.
I have decided to sell my Atlas QC54 lathe with all the associated
bits and pieces.
I purchased this lathe several years ago when i was working at a
machine shop and had nothing better to do with my free time. I had
intended to tear it apart, repaint, replace, repair everything and use
it at home. I got through %95 of the process and had to put the lathe
into storage so i could attend college away from home. The only thing
that has not been done yet is to finish repairing/painting the
quickchange with the new gears I had cut and replace a bunch of
bushings. What I have done to it:
Complete teardown and repaint the bed, headstock, carriage, crosslide,
legs. Rustoleum primer and machine Grey
Replace headstock bearings with timken tapered roller bearings.
Replace spindle preload nut (round nut with locking set screw) with a
custom made hex nut.
Replace spindle gear with a custom cut steel gear.
Replace all zmak (zinc potmetal) gears with custom cut or boston gear
Replace worn quickchange gears with custom steel replacements.
New half nuts.
New custom countershaft (17-4 stainless i thin it was) Same as
original with zerk fittings for ease of lubrication
New Countershaft Bearing housings (17-4 Stainless) with new roller
bearings, and collars and UHMW seals
New drive belt Modular type (it has removable links.) I cant remember
the brand right now but its a neat piece of kit
The lathe has sat in my parents garage for about 2 years now. I was
able to get home every few months and keep the ways oiled so there is
no rust there. Below is the list of stuff I have for it. (from memory
so don't quote me)
6" 3 Jaw Chuck
3 faceplates not sure of size right now, one 6" and probably 1 9" with
4 jaw chuck(s) I think there are 2 there
3AT collet set with drawbar and spindle taper (I am nearly positive
that this is a complete set)
Lathe is on legs, painted, not atable top version.
Some spare parts (gears and such)
Misc. box of tooling.
Spindle nose chuck (rusty if i remember) I did my best to clean it up
then sprayed it with wd-40 and lithium grease
So if you have read all of this and are interested. I have no idea
what to ask for it. I put a ton of effort into restoring it and it
kills me to have to sell it. Make me a reasonalbe offer. I would
rather not part it out.
Please feel free to contact me by email lapolt*ba*@*gm*ail*.*com
(remove * symbol)
I can take some pictures if you would like. If you want to know
specifics please ask and I will answer questions.
Obviously I probably missed somehting here.
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Like where is the lathe?
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formatting link
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Jim Wilkins
hah... yeah duh that would be helpful.
But your friend Jim figured it out quick enough. I'm sure google probably would have helped. It seems that it is good at finding craigslist postings now.
Anyway, It is located in Warrensburg, NY. Southern Adirondack region.
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Add to that list of stuff:
Stead rest and a follow rest.
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... Make me a reasonalbe offer. ...
For what it's worth - I pretty much never respond to ads/offers that don't have an asking price. I feel I'm wasting my time without knowing a price. I'm sure that others don't feel this way, but there are ones like me & you're eliminating us as potential customers.
When it's "make an offer", I assume the seller is dreaming about an unrealistic price, especially in your case, with the work that you've put into it. You know its condition, you know the market in your area (if not, do some homework), & you know what you expect to get. Tell us - you'll scare off some, but they weren't customers in the first place.
My 2 cents worth, Bob
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Bob Engelhardt

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