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Down to the last little fiddly bits on my Classic Airframes Meteor T7, undercarrage doors ,wheels, removimg the canopy masking, which brings me to something that really hacks me off.

No matter how carefully clean out the cockpit and no matter how carefully I seal the canopy to prevent crap from the outside getting do I always end up with gurt big lumps of crap on the inside!!!!

It baffles me, where does it all come from, wormholes in the space time continum, teleported in by trackheads, where?

No doubt somebody will be able to blame GWB for it by I prefer to blame blair.

Rory Manton

It's Not Pink It's Telemagenta

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Rory Manton
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Rory, it's a plot by the armour builders to make you give up and build targets. Don't falter! Stay firm and never surrender!


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Rob Grinberg

This is why it is nice to be able to build a kit with the canopy open. For that Meteor, try Aero-Club. They did a vac-u-formed canopy for their T.7 kit.

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey

If you attach the canopy with ordinary white glue you can easily remove it to fix problems like that. Even when I'm modeling a plane with the canooy open, I'll almost always glue it closed for painting, because it's easier to paint the frame that way. After the last finish coat is dry and the masking has been removed, I remove movable part of the canopy and reglue it in the open position.

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Joe Jefferson

Are these sticky or dry? You may have crap somewhere on the interior and whilst flailing the frame about during painting it relocates to the cockpit. If it's sticky I think you live in a humid area and you're getting a colloidal action during painting/drying. The suggestion about white glue seems your best avenue. hth

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