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It has been a looong time since Roll Models has done an honest to goodness model contest.

The rules: Send me up to nine pictures of one of your models. The pictures need to be in jpg format, no larger than 640 pixels wide and 72 dpi. If they are larger they will be resized. The model must be your own model and not have been entered in a Roll Models contest before. Images that are copyrighted or have a name printed on them will not be used.

The constest is open to all modelers worldwide regardless of race, religion, scale or sexual preference.

I'll accept pictures thru next Monday. After that the voting can start.

The winner will receive a Westland Whirlwind from Classic Airframes.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. You can also go straight to the boss with any questions about Roll Models, email John at:

I would like to encourage you to check out the Roll Models' Online Catalog and Review Site.

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Have fun!


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Brent Theobald
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Now hang on, I`m a shiter modeller than you any day

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stiffs! i can undermodel you in my sleep.

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nah, painfull honesty...

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Hhhmmm! Is that anything like a Shite Moslem?? :-)

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey

"William H. Shuey" schreef in bericht news:

Shite Moslem my arse. It's Jim bloody Royle ;-)

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Bassie Adriaensen

When I was a lad, you couldn't be born unless you were a shite modeller.... If I ever got anything built, I'd probably outshite any three of you lot.

RobG (the Aussie one)

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Rob Grinberg

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