Found some tools forsale today

I talked to some one today looking to sell some of his tools. Items are in
Norton surface grinder, 6 x18 i think, heavy old thing with power feed,
looks to be in ok shape not powered up so couldn't here is run. i think he
was looking for about $500
VERY old Pratt Whitney horizontal mill not very big with a small table, uses
lever for table movement, good for slitting $200
South Bend 11" lathe with older style quick change box, chuck tool holder
and some other do dads, hes not sure on price
VERY old hardinge lathe (so he says) its way up on racking, looks like a 7"
Pratt to me. again not sure on price.
old Hendy lathe 15" swing big ass lathe in good shape
OLD Pratt Witney horizontal mill with a M head on it, looks like the
horizontal function has not be used in many years/centuries. It has a rotary
table below the table movements, would be nice for angle cuts, he says its
wipped and the M head has no power, it looks to be in the 2000 pound range,
could be a cool machine for some stuff.
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Where in CT?
I might be interested in the SB. I'm in Providence.
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I live near NY so its a haul for you, I will see if I can't get some pictures in the next few days
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