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Due to my recent interest in metalworks, i've decided to make a foundry, opting for a gas powered one as the fuel is easier to handle. Does using butane instead of propane make any significant difference to the heat output? I live in Australia, and i can't seem to find much propane around, but LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas), which is a mix of butane and propane, is available at pretty much all gas stations. Can i use LPG and still get the same power out of my foundry as a propane powered one??

btw, if anyone is reading this and lives in Australia, could they point me in a direction where i can get some fireclay, furnace bricks or castable refractory cement?



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You could distill it, but I don't know what you'd do with the leftovers if you didn't burn them.. Actually, when you use the gas you'll be distilling it and you'll find that there's more heat in the first that you use than in the last that's left.

Anyway, hook 'er up and.. send pics.


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I think that what we in the states call propane is LPG, though I'm not positive.

I don't think there should be any problem.

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Jim Stewart

Try this mob

formatting link


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Tom Miller

Here in the states it is typically LPG - but in cold area - a custom mix or Propane is used as Butane puddles in cold weather. Propane is a gas.

20 years ago, it was one or the other depending on the month and chance of cool spell.

Now, with supplies this and that and more junk fuel - we get LPG most likely.


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My plan is exactly that--an oil fired melting furnace. I already have a large tank, used for heating. Lines to fuel the melting furnace were installed before the floor was poured.

I'd be interested in seeing pictures if it's not too inconvenient. I wouldn't care if you simply sent them to me if you don't wish to post them.

By the way, #2 off road diesel and #2 fuel oil are one and the same critter. Dyed red, of course, but all from the same tank.



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Harold and Susan Vordos

Harold --

Since you are the only respondent, rather than post the pictures on my site, it would be easier for me to send all the pics to you on CD.

If that'd be all right with you, e-mail your snail-mail address to me at and I'll send them to you.

I think you would have enjoyed this fellow's foundry demonstration/tour. He doesn't make many mistakes.

Besides the foundry, the guy had many other gee-whiz things to see. It was a memorable day!

Life can be full of surprises. Here's an ordinary Joe Citizen who is rather quiet and unassuming. Beneath the surface one discovers a man of many extraordinary talents.



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Orrin Iseminger

any chance thatI could get in on those pictures to?

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Sure, just send your snail mail address to me:

Yours will be the last freebie. From here on out I'll need a token payment.


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