FPE electric panel

Where on the web can I find how the buss is connected on a split bus
panel by Federal Pacific?This is the type with no main breaker.It relies
on 2 pole breakers to feed other sections.I have read about FPE breakers
and panels problems but want to use what's there to add a line for a
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Time Traveler
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You probably can't since FPE has been kaput for many years. You will have to inspect the panel yourself. Simply cut the power and remove enough breakers to reveal the bus configuration. It should not be a problem.
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R. O'Brian
More than likely they are going to crisscross, so that a double pole will be picking up 2 different legs to create a 220/240 volt circuit.
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Greetings and Salutations...
The BEST course of action is to swap it out for a more standard one. THe only place you MIGHT find breakers for it is on Ebay, and, it hardly seems worth it. Regards dave mundt
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Dave Mundt
I bought a welder recently and I found a 220V 50A breaker for my FPE box at a local hardware store, but it was about $60. So some replacement stuff is still available.
I do intend to get the whole box replaced sometime soon. I need more capacity aynway. Everyone on here made it quite clear what crap I have in this FPE installation.
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Thanks for the advice.Breakers are available from American Circuit Breaker Co.I priced a 30 amp 2 pole breaker and its $70 from a local electrical supply company.I finally found the info needed on the web.
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Time Traveler
Ouch! I would have a look at Lowes and/or Home depot and see how much it would cost to replace the whole panel. And then sell the FPE breakers on Ebay.
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