Free electric motors in the UK

This autumn I am having a clear out of stuff that I'm not using for
projects. At the back of the shed I have maybe 10 or 12 electric motors
ranging from about 1/6 hp to 3 hp. Most are three phase, but a couple
are single phase. There are also a few washing machine motors of various
kinds. Some are connected to water pumps, some have pulleys etc. I kept
these for projects but now I have way too many. Most are electrically
sound but have faults such as grumbling bearings, cracked plastic fan
cowlings, damaged cooling fins or missing terminal box covers. Basically
I can't sell them but they might be of some use to a person needing a
cheap motor for a machine, or for spare parts, so I thought I'd offer
them around here.
If you need a motor for a machine or project let me know and I'll see if
I have one to match your requirements. They won't be perfect but they're
free. I can dig them out and test them, and you can collect or I can
send them by DHL at cost.
Let me know if you're interested.
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Christopher Tidy
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You'll probably get a better response posting on
Have you got any 3 phase about 0.75-1 hp? And where in the UK are you based?
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Moray Cuthill
I think I do have one, but it's the worst of the lot. It's flange mounted and coupled to a water pump. Pretty grotty, but I can dig it out and test it if you like. I have a 2 hp three phase motor which looks much nicer. What machine/project do you need it to fit?
I'm in Newport, Shropshire.
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Christopher Tidy
AND ---
I have about 8 motors that i'd give to anyone who could pick them up in Los Alamitos, or even Los Angeles, california. My motors are all 3 phase and are various sizes from 1 HP up to 10 HP. They all work. I used them for idlers while evaluating the effect of idler size on RPC power delivering capability. I'll probably have to toss them in the scrap.
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Jerry Martes

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