Free stuff

Free stuff:
1. Panasonic xy robot with prox sensors, controller and tamagawa
servo motors
2. Heathkit Oscilloscope (needs work)
3. Heathkit multimeter
The xy robot would be a good project to mess around with. It needs
work and is rather heavy. If you would like to have these items, you
have to pick them up. I live in Huber Heights OH which is near
Dayton. If you would like for me to send some pictures, send me a
email or submit a reply to this post. Thanks.
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How heavy is the xy robot? I would be happy to pay postage fo it (I live in Australia, so pickup is a little difficult)
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Yeah, it would cost quite a bit of money to ship. Too bad you don't live nearby.
If anyone else would like to have it, let me know. It was used in an airbag manufacturing plant for several years. I was an engineer there and they were getting rid of some of the older machines so I ended up with one of them. It has nice servo motors but I'll never get around to messing with it. I don't want to toss it out if someone can make good use of it. Sombody out there must want it!
I decided to send a picture of it so I hope nobody minds the extra download time.
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