free stuff - mostly books/pamphlets

I hate to throw this away - yours for postage any/all - contact me via my email address from my web page at the end of this message
Numismistake magazine - Lonsome John, Dept 97, newbury park, CA - Nov 1975 - related to coins with minting flaws
US Department of Commerce - Building Materials and Structures, Report BM566, November 1940 - plumbing manual Redwood Fences, redwood decks, redwood structures - pamphlets from the California Redwood Association, undated - must be '70s from the looks of them planning your farmstead wiring and lighting - Pub 597, dated 1950, Rural Electrification Administration Wood: a manual for its use as a shipbuilding material - volume 1, 63 pgs, NAVSHIPS 350-336, Oct 1957, and Volume IV, dated 1962, boat and ship construction techniques, 144 pgs Wood...Colors and Kinds - Agricultural Handbook 101, Oct 1956, 36 pgs Wood Crate Design Manual, Agriculture Handbook 252, Feb 1964, 131 pgs
Time Life Television's Wild Wild world of Animals-= Reptiles: Snakes, turtles lizards, crocodilians tuatara salamanders frogs toads Venomous Arthropod handbook, USAF, Envenomization sympotoms/treatments, idnetification, biology, and control
Planning Your Home Lighting - Home and garden Bulletin 138, US Dept of Agriculture, April 1968 NBS Technical Note 231, Solar Heating, Radiative Cooling, and Thermal Movement - Their effects on Built Up Roofing, Dept of Commerce, National Bureau of Standards, Dec 16, 1963, 33 pgs Paints for Exterior Masonry Walls, US Dept of Comerce, Building Materials and Structures Report BMS110, 19 pgs, 1947 Housing Research Paper 33, Material and Labor Analysis House Framing Systems, Housing and Home finance Agency, April 1954, 125 pgs Productoin Research Report no 124, Peripheral Circulation for Low cost central heating in old houses, Agricultural Research Service, US Dept of Agriculture, July 71, 14 pgs, some termite chewing on edges, fully readable Tilt Up Concrete Walls, Portland Cement Association 1970, 15 pgs Deflection characteristics of Residential wood-joist floor systems, Housing Research Paper no 30, Housing and Home Finance Agency, April 1954,64 pgs Wood floors for dwellings, Agriculture handbook 204, Sept 1961, 44 pgs Basic principles of Modular Coordination, Housing and Home finance agency, Dec 1953, 29 pgs Basements versus No Basements for Houses, parts I, II, III, Housing and Home Finance Agency, 1950, 23 pgs Crawl Spaces, Housing ahd Home Finance Agency, 1950, 16 pgs The Materials use survey, Housing and Home Finance Agency, 1953, 26 pgs
Housing Research Paper 29, A demonstration of New Techniques for Low-Cost Small Home Construction - April 1954 Photocopied sheets - Wood Joist and Rafter Sizes CIS-12 - Carpet and Rugs, Feb 1972, Published by the General Services Administration, 32 pgs Selecting and Financing a Home, Home and Garden Bulletin 182, US Department of Agriculture, 24 pgs, 1972 Design for Low Cost Wooden Homes, US Dept of Agriculture, Forest Service, Nove 1969, 28 pgs Home and Garden Bulletin no 138, US Dept of Agriculture, Planning your Home Lighting, 22 pgs, 1968 New life for Old Dwellings, Appraisal and Rehabilitation, US Dept of Agriculture, Forest Service, Agriculture Handbook no 481, 99 pgs, Dec 1975 Housing Research Paper 13, Performance of MAsonry Chimneys for Houses, Nov 1952, Housing and Home Finance Agency Low Cost Wood Homes for Rural America - Construction Manual, Agriculture Handbook No 364, May 1969, 112 pages
NILECJ-STD-0601.00 - Law Enforcement Standards Program, Walk-Through Metal Detectors for usein Weapons Detection, June '74, 20 pgs IC-8405 Bureau of Mines, Factors in Selecting and Applying Commercial Explosives and Blasting Agents, 1968 IC-8436 Bureau of Mines, Respiratory Protective Devices Approved by the Bureau of Mines as of December 31, 1968, a revision of IC 8281
various children's and young adult books from the teens through 40s
other crap: two 390-S Dome Light with Switch, surface mount, 12 volt (uppper left in photo) Auto Mirror, Roberk #185 - door mount (side rear view mirror) Hot Spots stick on convex mirror # 49302 3.74", 95 mm diameter super sport grip steering wheel cover "made of extra thick porotherm" 58-0550B, 22-1016-9, Black, "fits all passenger cars" Superskin genuine leather steering wheel cover, Black, 58-0660B 22-1037-5, "Fits most passenger car, light truck, and van steering wheels"
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