FREE hand tapper

Pick up only, in Carlisle MA. Within the next week or so.

This is the ubiquitous tapper that everybody sells under their own label. E.g.:

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With adapters. Minor superficial scuffing and rust.


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Bob Engelhardt
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Hi, Bob. The hand tapper is one of the things I made when I first got my Prazi lathe with milling attachments. The base is an old chemistry lab stand with an aluminum plate on top of base. That has "T" slots in it. Turned a new vertical steel shaft and machined the horizontal arm from a block of aluminum from Boeing Surplus. The rotating shaft is from a Mercedes Benz shock absorber. Tap holder is standard hand tap holder drilled and tapped to screw onto MB rod.

I think I use it once every 10years. Nice to look at, but mostly takes up room.

My youngest brother lives in Dillsburg and I would send him over to pick it up, but he wouldn't know what to do with it.

Happy new year from Oregon.


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Paul Drahn

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