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I have some 1/16 cork gasket sheets at home. I am needing the carb to gas tank and carb to engine gaskets. Can I just make some out of this material or will it not work because it is a little thicker than the origional? Or should I use RTV instead of silicone?

I appreciate any help. I have 2 tillers I am tryign to get running so I can put them up for spring.

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If the original gaskets were cork, that should work fine.

Gasoline will make the RTV/Silicone curdle, leaving you a mess to clean up.

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Can you tell me how thick these gaskets are? I done have enough of one left to measure.

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Cork and old-school Permatex. No RTV, no silicone.

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Jim Stewart

Proper gasket felt of the original thickness can be purchaced at any GOOD auto parts store.

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little thicker than the origional? Or should I use RTV instead of silicone?

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Even Permatex is now fuel-solvent, thanks to Ethanol. The only gasket sealant I know of that is proof to modern gas and E-18 is Hylomar,

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's hard to find. We sell it at , and i heard it might be available at Harbor Freight.

1/16 paper gaskets should do the job, and cutting them with a hammer is kinda fun, until you get a job in a shipyard.
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Stupendous Man

RTV IS silicone and will turn to jelly when exposed to gas. Not good when it gets into the carb or engine. RTV=3DRoom Temperature Vulcanizing. I've not had good luck with cork gaskets and thin sections, you can get better fiber gasket materials from the hardware store. Maybe not as thick, but less likely to crumble away into nothing. There are a few gas-resistant sealants, Hylomar is one and I've gotten that from Autozone(!). I picked up some other stuff from Ace, I just don't remember what it's called, Seals-all or something like that, it was good, gasoline-proof, also less than Hylomar. You CAN get gas-resistant silicone, last I remember that was like $150 for a 100 gram tube. The old standby was Permatex, but most grades are soluble in alcohol and that's not good with gasahol the order of the day now.


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