Head gasket

In another thread I wrote (snip):-
Bulk of the weekend spent trying to get the garage/workshop into a state
>where I can pop in of an evening and actually do something useful
It worked ! Yesterday evening within an hour and a half, I had made and
fitted a head gasket to the little Stuart Turner Type N.
Why so long you ask, particularly as the kit of parts from Kim included a
dead copper asbestos pattern? I used a heavily graphited fibrous material
reinforced with what I took to be perforated aluminium, it wasn't 'till I
tried to cut it that I realised the reinforcement was in fact stainless - my
usual selection of craft knives and wad punches wouldn't touch it. Tin snips
were fine for the OD but too unwieldy for the bore, let alone the stud holes
and waterways. I ended up grinding an 1/8" chisel out of tool steel and
nibbling my way round with that.
When I came to fit it, I noticed that the gasket face of the cylinder block
was stamped with an ST monogram - has anybody else come across this? I
wondered if it indicated that the engine had been reconditioned by the
factory at some time.
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