Genset voltage reg: capacitor vs. AVR

What are the pro's/cons of each?
One pro for caps is that they are cheaper! The AVR ditty for my unit would
cost another near-$400.
The pro for AVR is, presumably, much tighter voltage regulation with load.
But mebbe AVR has its limits ito ruggedness?
The voltage swing on my genset is 250 - 230 V, 0-50 A. Units with AVR
claim 1-2% regulation.
Should I spring for the AVR? If a major outtage occurs, I'll be running cnc
equpment from it.
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I don't understand your question. If you mean "capacitors" when you say "caps", I don't know how they would deal with output voltage regulation in any meaningful way. What kind, model and serial number of genset do you have that currently has no voltage regulation built in to it?
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