Gibs question


I've heard it pronounced both ways.

G as in George, or G as in Gail?

John Martin John G. Martin

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You say tomato...

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Tom Gardner

So "gibs" is pronounced "tomato"?

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Absolutely. When things start chattering on a cut-off or facing operation, snug up the 'ol tomatoes.

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Jim Kovar

Indeed this is NOT a case of tomato. It is as in Gail. Those that pronounce it any other way are displaying their lack of exposure to the shop environment. Or perhaps they're into sailing?


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Harold & Susan Vordos

Hey John,

Gib.... as in Gib-son

Take care.

Brian Laws>Gibs.

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Brian Lawson

As in The Bee Gees, Gibb.

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I'd say Jibs... gibs is the meaty bits when you explode someone... ;-)

Tim (you sure none of you play Quake 2? :)

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Tim Williams

If it were G as in George it would be J and part of a crane :-)

Mark Rand RTFM

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Mark Rand

On Fri, 2 Jan 2004 11:24:20 -0600, Jim Kovar brought forth from the murky depths:

Yes, when you hear machinery making strange noises, the old tomatoes snug up on their own. They know better than to hang around when things get tweaky. ;)

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Larry Jaques

Gibs and Jibs. G J Machine Sailing

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Martin H. Eastburn

Not to mention "gibe" which is specific to rec.crafts.metalworking.

Not to be confused with jibe, see second catagory on top.


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jim rozen

I used to play Quake. Lately though, the game I seem to play most often is Planet 8 Ball on Most of my time online is spent reading.


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