gluing (delicate) to anodized aluminum

I have a camera with no lens-thread at the outboard end. I think I can glue on a bit that will give me one. On the lens barrel there's a small section of (slightly tapered) inner diameter available - it's the only surface I can use.

It's either anodized or painted black.

The bit I make will be aluminum. What glue should I use, and if the barrel is anodized should I prep the surface?

(This is right next to the glass = have to be careful if prepping).

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E6000 to Shoe Goo

But no paint. Otherwise you are gluing to the paint, not the metal.

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don't glue stuff to lenses.

can you make a collar that clamps around the lense to attach a filter?

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Cydrome Leader

I have a Sony camera that doesn't have any way to change lenses or to mount extra lenses to the existing one. My solution was to make a lens mount that uses the 1/4-20 tripod thread in the bottom of the camera to hold it to the camera and to take all the weight of the lens. It is basically an aluminum tube with threads on the outboard end for the aux. lens. The tube is just a bit longer than the amount the camera lens sticks out at maximum extension. So that when an aux. lens is screwed into the tube the camera lens won't crash into it. At the end of the tube where it contacts the camera body is a counterbore that fits a ring shaped feature on the camera body. This feature only protrudes from the camera body about .030" but it is concentric to the lens. Coming off the side of the tube is a sort of "bent arm" that has a hole drilled through it for a 1/4-20 screw to thread into the tripod mount. I also put in a 1/4-20 tapped hole in the arm so that the camera can still be mounted to a tripod when the lens adapter is in place. The setup works well and I have been able to take some neat pictures with a 180 degree fish eye lens and some macro pictures with close up lenses. I made the thing myself so I can't tell you where to buy one, but since this is a metalworking group you should just make one. Since my adapter attaches to the camera via the tripod mount there is no problem hanging lenses off the camera that weigh more than the camera itself. If you want I could send you some pictures of the device. Cheers, Eric

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