"good" propane/mapp torch

I do alot of braze/solder work with copper and steel. Mostly
ornamental. I've always used a fairly cheap torch that attaches
directly to the small bottles of propane or mapp gas. I would like to
start using one of the 20 lbs. bottles of propane instead, so I don't
have to hold the bottle as well as the torch. Does anyone have any
recomendations for a good torch of this type? I don't want to use
oxygen also, just the propane. Thanks.
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I did something similar in my propane-fired PMR research boiler. (OSHA probably wouldn't approve) I took a propane soldering torch (control) and cut it off where the burner (torch) connects. To that I connected a hose, the other end of which connects to the control assembly from a propane camp stove. ($19 at Wally Mart) Normally, the control assy. screws into the burner of the camp stove. I made another burner from a 1 inch round brass tube about 4 inches long - drilled 4 rows of 1/16th inch holes - close together on one side. The brass burner is threaded to screw on the camp stove control assy. in place of its normal burner. The camp stove regulator is left wide open and regulation is by careful manipulation of the soldering torch control. The solder torch control screws on to the camp stove propane bottle. ($2.25 apiece at Wally Mart)
I had to experiment to find the right amount of air to admit to the cylindrical brass burner. This was done via drilling additional air holes in the camp stove throat tube and plugging the extra ones to obtain the best flame. Metal tape partially covering the holes, assisted in determining the correct amount of "hole" to use.
One bottle of "camp stove" propane will power the PMR boiler for several hours, while running a 2 inch steam engine at a respectable demo speed, with boiler pressure just below the 50# safety release pressure. Feed water must be periodically pumped into the boiler via a check valve. At demo speed, it will take about a pint of water per hour. Distilled water is recommended.
Caution: This is a potential carbon monoxide hazard but it doesn't appear any worse in that respect than using the recommended Esbit fuel tablets. Never leave the hose assy. screwed into a propane bottle when not in use.
Bob Swinney
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Robert Swinney
You have several choices. Propane, Mapp, Propylene and Acetylene. You can buy burners for any one and air. Propane is the UNhottest flame of them all. If you do much copper, I'm surprised that you find propane hot enough for brazing. I would go to your local welding supplier and pose your situation to them. There are a lot of "Prestolite" outfits out there. These use a Tupe B acetylene cylinder and air. You get the tank, the torch and several feet of hose. Sounds like a good solution to me. Try running an ad in your local newspaper for one. The Type B cylinder isn't regulated like the bigger ones, so they can be refilled anywhere and you don't need proof of original purchase. Not cheap, but a lot hotter.
Pete Stanaitis ------------------------------
snipped-for-privacy@tys> I do alot of braze/solder work with copper and steel. Mostly
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That could depend on what you are doing with it. I find Propane is "hot enough" for everything, except cutting -- if I am using the right size of torch for the job.
The original poster is happy with the heat output from a tiny propane torch attached to a 1 pound canister of propane. He shouldn't have any problems with the heat output from a real torch attached to a 20# tank.
Perhaps but, as I've indicated in another forum, in my case, there are other benefits to using propane:
- light weight, easy to handle - no more tank rentals - no more driving 80 miles get welding gas - no more waiting till they open on Monday for a refill - runs off a standard 20# propane tank - refillable at the corner gas station - propane less expensive than special welding gases - in a pinch, I borrow the tank off my propane barbeque
I have an O/A torch and don't recall the last time I've used it after I got my Propane Turbo Torch. This was about 10 years ago and I haven't look back since then.
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Get yourself the adapter hose used to hook the tabletop barbecue to the 20# tank. I use two of these with turbo torches. Gerry :-)} London, Canada
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Gerald Miller
Thanks for all the answers. I think I'd like to go with the turbo torch in propane. Does anyone know of a good source for used ones? Anyone have one they'd be willing to part with?
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They're plenty of them on eBay. Right now there's only new ones, but used ones show up from time to time:
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I use one of those with the stove adaptor hose Gerry described. It's plenty good enough for all my small brazing and silver soldering jobs, and I can screw it onto a small tank of Mapp gas if I need a bit higher temperature flame.
The easy on-off feature of those torches helps keep you from wasting gas.
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Jeff Wisnia
If you can wait, eBay might be the answer. It took maybe a year of on-and-off watching, but I got a TurboTorch off of eBay for less than $50, including shipping. It was the style similar to this:
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except mine was used and had the T-5 propane tip. It works like a charm on light brazing and steel bending. I can heat a small section 3/8" steel rod inabout 1/2 a minute.
And I have a 5-lb tank I got for camping. This makes the whole rig pretty easy to tote around for plumbing jobs.
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