Greasing the mini-mill gears

I have encountered an interesting problem:

The Little Machine Shop Guide to Mini-mill recommends greasing the gear box with Lubriplate 630-AA white lithium grease (NGLI 1, "plastic-friendly and widely available").

The Chinese manual does not mention any maintenance of the gear box at all. Their instructions are (when they can be understood) to grease the usual leadscrews, racks etc. They do not specify type of grease.

I have applied this:

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to all the external parts. I have used this stuff elsewhere including my guns. It is noteworthy that my plastic Glock has not suffered unduly as far as I can tell from sparse application of this stuff to the slide.

When I tried to get the 630-AA I run into a brick wall - no-one stocks it here, they can get it if I buy a case of it. Buying direct from the USA I am looking at a cost in excess of $25 for a tube.

I am kind of hesitant to apply the Molyslip to the innards of the mill. a) It is not white b) It is not lithium c) It is NGLI 2 as opposed to 1 - is this going to be too thick for the gears (note the technical datasheet recommends it for all kinds of applications which seem more or less same as the mill gear box)? d) No word about "plastic-friendliness" (but see comment about the Glock).

On the plus side:

a) It should be a better quality product b) I have a bucket of it

I have looked in several local shops for a likely equivalent. My first impression is that there is little high quality white lithium grease available. There is a lot of the stuff in cans and tubes labelled "multipurpose" or "heavy duty" but that is about all the description one gets. I do not think I found a single product with a clear label "White lithium NGLI 1".

I am going to e-mail the Molyslip people for their take on this but what would the assembled sages do? Would you:

1) Not touch the gearbox now. Or ever. If the gear breaks convert to belt drive. 2) Stuff the Molyslip in a syringe and squirt it in a prescribed manner into the gearbox. Then pray five times a day facing east. 3) Sell your firstborn into slavery to purchase Lubriplate 630-AA for only this compound will ensure the correct functioning of the mill. 4) Use a brand "XYZ" 'cos it has always worked for me. 5) You should never use grease in the gearbox - only oil (this topic incites extraordinary passions on some fora. I am only quoting...)


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Michael Koblic
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Common or garden automobile wheel bearing grease or equivalent.

Or run the plastic gears dry.

Mark Rand RTFM

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Mark Rand

I run mine dry, with a little shot of silicone to reduce noise.


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Frank Warner

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