Hi everyone, I'm new here. I was looking to buy an electric grinder and I have finally came down to 2 options:

Metabo WEPBA17-125 110v Grinder

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and Metabo W18 LTX 5.2Amp Cordless Grinder
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Can anyone let me know their thoughts about them.


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Paul Murphy
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The metabo grinders are really nice tools. The feel, balance, fit and finish are top notch and you pay dearly for that. The first one you listed has all the frills like the vibration reduction, the standard soft start and some sort of electric brake. Never seen the tooless disc change stuff though- never seen it before. I've never struggled to change a disc, just to find the wrench.

I've still not fully accepted cordless tools yet though and would be worried about getting good batteries down the road on the cordless model, and unless you need portability or have a system of tools that use the same batteries, you'll be paying quite the premium to lose the cord. The power is also lower too- they don't even spec it on the cordless models if you get a matebo datasheet.

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Cydrome Leader

Metabo are fine and expensive tools. For that reason I would not buy the cordless. Being such a fine tool it will last forever. Certainly long enough to need several new sets of batteries. Even if they are available, battery technology will have changed and left your 2015 technology behind. You will then have a fine and obsolete tool.

I'm thinking that there must have been millions of Milwaukee (for example) cordless drills, etc that were working perfectly but were junked because their NiCad/NiMH batteries made them obsolete.


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Bob Engelhardt

My opinion is that the abrasive grinding wheel used is as important as the grinder. The Harbor Freight grinder with a good wheel will out perform the Metabo with a lousy wheel. I have gotten some really poor wheels and some good ones from Harbor Freight.

So I would recommend getting a Harbor freight grinder and some abrasive wheels some where else. Then if you find you use the grinder a lot, you might buy the Metabo grinder.


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Holey sh*t - 200+GBP for a 4 1/2" angle grinder! I paid ten bucks for my first one and have added two used ones for five bucks since so that I could have one each for cutting, grinding and wire brushhing. These are pretty much throw away items unless you plan to use it more than a five hours per week.

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