Hanging it up! Downsizing !!!

I am 78 years old. My wife and I are downsizing and moving into an assisted living community. I have sold most of my tools but I still have something that I don't want to get rid of, but I must. I have a collection of do-it-yourself magazines. They are Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Mechanics Illustrated, Handyman etc. They take up 22 feet of shelf space and there are 756 of them. The oldest is a 1941 Popular Mechanics that my Dad bought me when I was 12 Years old. From then on I was hooked. Many were issued during the war years of WWII. I quit buying them in the early 80's when they quit publishing in a how-to-do-it format and publised in a magazine format. I have indexed many of the projects. For example there are

20 issues that have how-to- build boat plans. I would like to get 20 cents per copy or best offer. The whole lot must go. These books are far too heavy and costly to ship. I live about 30 minutes from the Morgantown Exit on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. About 30 miles west of Philadelphia. Anyone interested can e-mail me for more information. I know that you don't want folks using this group to sell things but I hope you will forgive me. I have an attachment to them and just can't destroy them. Getting old sucks!!

Clint Stoner snipped-for-privacy@verizon.net

I plan to also place this on the woodworking and home repair groups.

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I wish I was close enough to buy them from you. Have you thought of selling them on E-Bay or Craig's List? I am sure some of them would be worth a heckuva lot more than $.20 to collectors. There are people who specialize in selling on consignment for E-Bay. You might check your YELLOW PAGES to find one.

GoodLuck, DL

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Sorry that you are having to make these choices. Sure hope a new home is found for them. What was that cutie in MI? Mimi?

Stay active as best you can and best wishes,


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Give them to a library so everyone can enjoy them.

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Dan H


Yep, and Freddie Fumbles, Wordless Workshop, Tom McCahill..

Lots of great projects, especially in the 50s to early 60s-when men didn't have to ask how to cut a board...

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libraries just sell or throw out donated stuff. None if it makes it back to the shelves.

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Cydrome Leader

Rick wrote in article ...

didn't have to ask how

A lot of the old PM METALWORKING projects are available in *.pdf format on Metal Web News.

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