Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!
Independence Day and the Recovery of True Freedom - Why we're now in
the best position since Reagan to make it happen
by Bruce Thornton, FrontPage Mag, July 4, 2018
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... freedom is not "doing as one likes," which is not true freedom,
but what the 18th century called license, a selfish indulgence that
cares nothing for the good of the state as a whole, but everything
for the needs and ambitions of one faction or ideology. This
selfishness breeds tyranny and the loss of freedom, for to act on
whatever selfish appetites and passions that arise in one, is to
enslave the soul to them and subject the self and the political
community to their destructive effects....
Genuine freedom, then, is defined by restraints and limits on human
nature's destructive "passions and interests," as James Madison
called them. And the most dangerous passion is the lust for power...
Our modern tyrants, the big-government progressives, have created
Tocqueville's soft despotism, which has been as effective as violence
in destroying true freedom. Ordered liberty has indeed been reduced
to mere license, as the ancients predicted. The first step in this
process in our time has been secularization, the driving of religion
from the public square and the reduction of it to a private lifestyle
choice. In this way the moral order sanctioned by "Nature's God" and
the "Supreme Judge of the world," as the Declaration describes the
divine order, that once enforced limits on license and
self-indulgence, now can be marginalized and bereft of its power to
sanction destructive behavior. This leaves the state as the only
authority for regulating people's lives.
Next, as Polybius says, the redistribution of property through
taxation and entitlement spending also erodes the autonomy of the
citizens by fostering dependence, at the same time the state has to
grow ever more powerful and intrude ever more intimately into private
life in order to manage and control this distribution. The citizens
gradually become more and more hooked on various transfers and
subsidies from the state, even as they surrender more and more
autonomy over their lives to ensure that the state-funded benefits
keep coming.
Meanwhile, this erosion of their freedom is masked by the short-term
pleasure of getting something for nothing. Virtues like self-reliance
and self-responsibility, vital for political freedom, weaken, even as
the Constitution's balance of powers is disrupted by an activist
judiciary and an overweening executive branch and its massive and
minutely intrusive federal bureaucracy. The traditional limits on
license thus disappear, paving the way for governmental tyranny and
the decay of freedom....
Trump has taken the first steps necessary for restoring our freedom
and autonomy: fighting the federal government and attacking its
hubristic powers. Whether he and we the people can continue the fight
for freedom, not just in our politics but in our daily lives, remains
to be seen. But this Fourth of July let's take a moment to appreciate
that we now have the best chance since Ronald Reagan to achieve that aim.
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Steve from Colorado
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The cesspool is getting deeper by the day. Why hasn't Pruitt been strung up from a lightpole yet?
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m II
Yes, Pruitt is a bad man. On that, you and I can agree.
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