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i bought one, sorry two of those $19.95 plug into the cig. lighter impact wrenches from harbor freight about 3 to 4 yrs. ago.. i hurt my back and could not get that last little IMP to bust the lugs on the car so they seemed great.... well i bought one and tried it out and went back and got another one for the other car..... now after using it for various things over the years like breaking the bolt holding the crankshaft pulley on the car, etc... it seems that it willl only spin fast and never grab (its is designed to spin and when getting up to speed will engage the clutch and then spin the nut/bolt or whatever its suppose to turn.... any suggestions on fixing it, not much of instructions in the instruction manual..... i could always buy another one and bring this old one back as it looks as new as just out of box?? the warranty if way over due.....

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I'd say you got you moneys worth! You can bring it back and see if they'll replace it, or maybe just part with $20.

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Barry S.

jim wrote: (clip) it seems that it willl only spin

will engage the clutch and then spin the nut/bolt (clip) ^^^^^^^^^^ I bought one of those about the same time you did, Jim, and, at first, it didn't like to come up to the "engagement speed." I found that I could make it work by giving it a little extra voltage by running the engine at a fast idle. Then, I guess it broke in, and now it works on the cigarette lighter output.

I suggest possibly a little lubrication might help, or just running the engine like I did. It may be that cold makes it sluggish, also--don't try to use it in the winter.

I like it for the same reasons you gave, but also, because once it breaks the lug nut loose, it spins all the way off, so you don't spend a lot of time on each one turning a long-handled wrench.

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Leo Lichtman

thanks will have to give that a try,, figured they had to be a fix for it.... gonna take it apart and see why it is not running so fast, might have some dirt in there... and its not the weather, right now its in the

70's where i am located.... some winter in the south?????
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