Harold: Is this worth it?

Hi Harold/Group, been a while hope all is well.
Wondering about this item on eBay for $525. Called the "iShor Simplicity
Scrap Gold Platinum Refining System" claims to refine to 99.95% for $1-2 per
ounce with no nasty chems. I'm wondering if you think it's worth it or
better building my own. Also, if it could be used for old computer chips,
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Before you buy ANYTHING, become a member of this group :
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is one of the gurus there, too. There are a couple of guys who have invented their own systems of recovery and refining that are much simpler, and a bit safer, than many of the well-known systems. This is a side-project for me, that I do in lulls between real work. When the next lull comes around, I am going to try some of the methods I've seen described there. But, it is clear I've been doing it the hard and dangerous way.
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Jon Elson
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It's not necessary to invest money on such equipment to refine precious metals. They work, but tend to be over rated. Please follow the advice given by Jon Elson. The moderator on that forum has busted his butt coming up with replacement procedures and is enjoying considerable success. You'd be far better off investing your money in building a fume hood and other apparatus that would serve general purpose than to get trapped in a piece of equipment that holds you hostage by demanding you buy your supplies from the seller.
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Harold and Susan Vordos

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