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I just received a GE 1/6th horsepower 115 volt 48 frame motor. I have a powered hacksaw that I would like to use it on. So, I opened up the motor plate and found two screw connectors and 4 solderless 1/4 inch standard connections. The number one connection has both the screw and solderless connections, directly connected. The number 2 connection is a solderless connector and a blue wire connected to it, from the motor windings. The number 3 connection is a solderless connector and has a yellow wire on it. The number 4 connection has both solderless and screw terminal. so I put 115volts to the both of the screw connectors and the motor did not move, only hummed. I am guessing that it needs a run cap, but I cant find any wiring diagram. anyone have any ideas.....

thanks in advance..

bob in phx

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Bob in Phx
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According to Bob in Phx :

Look at the underside of the access plate. It should have information on how to wire it. If not that -- try information in the motor's data plate.

Essentially, the other two are the start winding in series with the capacitor, and which is connected to which AC line terminal determines whether the motor starts CW or CCW.

Good Luck, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

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