HF English Wheel Prelim Report

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Just got mine today. At $11.50 shipping to Wa.-couldn't resist. 5 days order to delivery. The powder coat is excellent. Welds are all good to excellent. Good hardware w/locknuts. Assembly was straightforward, only had to hog out 1 through-bolt hole. The dies have good bearings. The lower die mount was too snug, so when the die was in place, it wouldn't rotate. A quick dress with a 3" cut-off wheel in a die grinder fixed that. The unit is very solid once bolted up. The cam lock for the lower die works well. I chucked up some 18GA soft AL sheet and rolled a shallow bowl with ease. I reefed hard on the die cam, and didn't see much flex at all in the very robust upper frame. It really needs to be bolted to the floor for any serious work. JR Dweller in the cellar

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JR North
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On Mon, 29 Jan 2007 17:53:15 -0800, with neither quill nor qualm, JR North quickly quoth:

Cool. Thanks for the report, JR. How is it with 18ga steel? ;)

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Larry Jaques

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