English Wheel

I just came back from HF and saw their english wheel. Seems a little light - but maybe okay on aluminum, anyway it reminded me of a massive cast iron frame for an old 36" metal cutting bandsaw at a local scrap yard. It still has the height adjuster for the blade guide, which looks like it could be modified with a crank to hold a upper roller, likewise the bottom guide holder. It looks like a very rigid frame almost ready made for this use.... Has anyone tried this? I could take a bottle jack and a hand held force gauge to and see how much say, 500lbs deflects the frame....By the way, almost buried in the back of the scrap yard, I also noticed a rusted out early 50's Dodge with an totally intact Hemi. Air cleaner, generator, rad, etc all there. Be a bitch to get to though...probably not worth the hassle.

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