Report on HF wrench quality

Yeah, I know: "HF" & "quality" do not belong in the same sentence 8-)
And I know that you get what you pay for. Nevertheless, I do own a set
of HF metric combo wrenches. And for several years they have been
satisfactory in very undemanding use. Today I found the limit on one of
I was replacing a tie rod end and trying to loosen it when the wrench
just broke. I was in an awkward position and using a hand on each of 2
wrenches, going opposite ways, so I wasn't leaning on the wrench. Or
using a cheater. Pretty modest demand.
In my shop, I reproduced the situation, more or less, using a torque
wrench and found that I could exert 65 ft-lbs on an 18" torque wrench,
or 43lbs force. 43lbs on the 9" HF wrench is only 32 ft-lbs torque!
The break was on the open end of the wrench, right where the straight
side meets the rounded inner side. A stress riser location, to be sure.
I'm thinking about taking a die grinder and "fairing" that point on
the other wrenches. I wonder if it would be worth it.
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Bob Engelhardt
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