Holiday Cheer ? O/T

Some of you conservatives might get a kick out of this.

I was websearching for eggnogg recipes and the first one I read included warnings about alcohol content, and recommended that one ask his party guests to bring a designated driver. it even included a link to the National Designated Drivers Association. I am so sick of warning labels on warning labels that from now on I am going to sign my holiday correspondence like this:

Happy Holidays*


  • Disclaimer:

Writer assumes no responsibility for any potential negative consequences from wishing you "Happy Holidays." Such consequences include but are not limited to:

  1. Hurt feelings regarding one's personal or religious beliefs or ethnic origins.
  2. Effects incurred from overeating or alcohol overimbibement that can occur at holiday times, such as poor health, unpleasant behaviour and appearance, and possibly a DUI conviction.
  3. Stress suffered from trying to toe the PC line. (also from trying to write a simple document in Word and having to deal with that pesky little paperclip)
  4. Depression caused from the thought that some Americans are so dumb that they take this stuff seriously.
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I went to buy my son a new ladder for one of his holiday gifts this year, but all Home Depot had in that department were several sizes of warning label holders with rungs on them.

Happy Holidays,


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Jeff Wisnia

  1. No liability, expressed or implied, on my part for failure to have a 'happy holiday' on your part.
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Ken Davey

Jeff Wisnia wrote: (clip) all Home Depot had in that department were several sizes of warning label holders with rungs on them. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ So, is that a way to take steps to avoid accidents?

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Leo Lichtman

..Or are you just railing because it is your stile to get a riser out of us?


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Excellent one Leo..I'm impressed!

You just reminded me that a couple of years ago I sprayed the bottom rung on each of my ladders with flourescent orange paint.

Since then I haven't made the mistake of stepping back off the second step thinking it was the first, because of the perspective, poor lighting, or just plain not thinking about what I wuz doing..

Thought I'd pass that hint along. I spilled more than one open can of paint and came close to busting an ankle a few times before someone told me to do that.

Happy Holidays,


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Jeff Wisnia

Now if I could just do teh same for the stairs around here, like when I think I'm at the top step, and go into full horizontal mode when there's still one more step.... ouch.


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jim rozen

And being one step off at the bottom can be interesting, too.


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