Home brew bandsaw now under power

And it works great. Its just a tad bit too slow nowe, but I have a faster motor as well as 3 or 4 more larger sized pulleys for the motor. Its powered with a 1 1/2 hp DC motor but thats not firm yet, as I am going to try the 2 hp higher rpm motor. Cranked way down on the speed control it still has lots of ass. The motor and gear box / powertrain are just clamped into place as are the blade guides until I decide how and which way they will be mounted. I cut some 3/8" sttel plate and a piece of 1" thick alum as well as a lengthwise cut in some

2" steel tube with 14 ga walls. Works fine. Probably has run close to 3 hours at various speeds and the blade has not run off the wheels, even without blade guides in place. It was a real PITA to get alal three wheels adjusted and lined up right, but all I can say is it works like a champ.

I do have a question though. I can make the blade track just about anywhere on the width of the wheels. I was thinking the blades back side should run near the back side of the wheels. Someone told me that the blade should actually run in the middle of the wheel. . If thats the case the saws I see with a 5/8 or 3/4" cap would have needed to have a wheel approx 1 1/2" wide whereas they only had wheels of about 1" wide. So where should I set my blade to track at middle or near the back edge of the wheel (still on the tire)

I used a multi ribbed wide belt as found on treadmills or the serpentine belts on auto engines. Even under a load it has yet to slip so I will probably go with this setup unless there may be something I am not seeing that that I should have as to why I should ot use this type of belt.

Any input greatly appreciated on to where the blade should track at on the wheels.

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Very nice, thanks for sharing it with us Roy.... Marty

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I still want a transfusion of your blood!

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Buddy, you are an inspiration!

On my little 14" Powermatic I keep the blades running *near* the middle of the wheels. I have only run 1/2" blades so far -- the wheel width is one inch.

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