How do I post pictures?

I need to brag a little, like everyone else here. I want to show some of my projects, particularly a nice looking gate I just did for my daughter and SIL. How does one post those to a website, and then provide the URL here so all can go there and be impressed? Or not.


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Read thither:

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Many pictures for r.c.m get uploaded to

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mentioned quite concisely in Winston's post) by procedure I quote below, along with a few comments in []. If you are talking about uploading to your own website, the program "filerunner" from
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is good.


Procedure described at

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"1) Send your files as attachments to an e-mail addressed to - " [Instead of raw photos from camera, crop away irrelevant parts, color correct, scale if necessary (not too small). When you send the email with text and picture files attached (one attachment per item) a program will copy the files out of the email into the dropbox directory, take spaces out of names, de-virus, etc.]

"2) Name ALL your files so that the first few letters cause them to be grouped together in directory listings." [Also don't put any spaces in the names; use underlines, dots, or dashes if you want separations.]

"3) Please also attach a plain TEXT file created in Notepad or some other non-word processing editor so that we can all figure out what you have posted." [Use lines of no more than 75 chars or so]

"4) Look at the current contents of the dropbox to see examples for file formats, sizes, other useful guidance." [Sometimes useful guides for what not to do -- ambiguous names, lack of explanation, bad pictures.]

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