how to refill hydrastatic drive on Gilson/Monty Ward lawn tractor ?

How does one refill the hydrastatic drive in a Gilson-built, Monty Ward
'72 lawn tractor ?
any help appreciated- where's the fill plug ?
if there a special procedure ?
thanks in advance
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DesertBob Jr.
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I have a much newer tractor of another brand, and had the same question. Yours may be similar enough that my experience may help.
Here's what I found. The drive unit is made of two distinct components -- the hydrostatic speed changing mechanism and a straight-forward geared transmission. The hydrostatic unit has an oil level indicator and fill cap. The transmission has no provision for checking lube or adding lube if needed. "They say" the transmission is designed to be "maintenance-free.' It isn't. Mine started making angry noises, so I took off the input drive pulley and its bearing housing (three cap screws) to take a look. It was dry. Spec calls for about a pound of grease, which can be added through the hole where the input pulley is mounted.
Working out this "fix" would be easy, if it were not for the fact that you can't get the necessary access without removing the whole unit from the tractor. Grit your teeth and do it. It may save a tractor which is so old that replacement parts are unavailable.
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Although my Cub Cadet has a very obvious filler plug, I've been told that many of the cheaper machine brands don't. Partial disassembly is the only way to get into them. Bugs
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