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Hello, I think we are all aware of the success of the i-robot floor sweepers, one of the few successfull robotic applications for the home. A couple of years ago I saw first hand robotic lawn mowers at Home Depot & other stores. If I am not mistaken I remember they were around $5,000. Has any 1 had any experience with these robotic lawn mowers they can share here?

Also I would like to obtain the Parallax Propeller training kit, but need to raise some extra funds to do so. If any 1 could make some donations it would be appreciated. If you can do this I will provide my Paypal # so it could be done online. Contact me here & thanks in advance for any help!


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Hello I was looking for a simple low cost robotic lawn mover. Now I decide to design and build my one... A 3Ah 14.4 V Roomba battery, 4 wheels 4 motors, the cut motor, 15 photovoltaic battery in such a way it could work without charging when sun shine (hope it will be enough for the whole year) The brain is based on 3 relay and a timer system: 2 front mechanical sensors: if left one, backward on the right way for 5s, if right one, backward on the left way for 7s, every 2mn, bacward right. I experiment this very simple and stupid algoritm with my home designed vacuum robotic: very efficient. (and easy to program!) I think robot can be full charged in about 5 days in summer for a 3h cut: that means lawn is cut every 5 or 6 days in summer, perhaps every 2 weeks in winter. I can charge it through mains if necessary... (hope not) I am looking for an idea to prevent to cut wet grass. Another problem: I must check that robot doesn't rest in the tree shadow... Any comments, suggestions, web site, video, pictures... welcome...

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There are robotics dissussion groups on Yahoo, which are focused on robotic lawn mowers. They tend to discuss the commercially sold ones, but I've seen some discussion about making your own. That may be a better place to talk.

Joe Dunfee

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