Hydraulic Pump for Press

I have an SPX Team Cylinder rated at 15 tons for a press. I need to figure out what type of pump I need to get the most out of the cylinder. All the pumps I look at only put out 2000-3000 psi. What type of hydraulic pump do I need and how does Enerpac produce a pump that will generate 10,000psi on its electric hydraulic pumps? Thanks, Steve

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Grant Erwin

About the only type pump which will put up that kind of pressure reliably is a piston pump. Motorized versions of these are rare in that high a pressure range combined with the low volume needed. I see two choices here. Buy a enerpac or other brand power unit (you might be surprised at what you can find one for on ebay if you look long enough) or make your own. The easiest way to make your own would be to take a manual pump and use a crank and rod arrangement to make it go up and down. This is basically what my big press has in it (on a much larger scale).

Wayne Cook Shamrock, TX

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Wayne Cook

What is your cylinder diameter?

Example: 4 inch cyl. Area is pi X ( r squared). 3.14 X 4= 12.56. 12.56X

3000psi= 37680 lbs of force. That's 18.84 tons, 3.84 tons more than your cylinder rating!

What kind of stroke does your cylinder have? If you are building a press with enough stroke to broach keyways and such, consider a "wood splitter" pump. Dual displacement, they work great on presses. Relatively cheap, try Northern Hydraulics or Bailey Sales.


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Bill Marrs

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