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Going to the Portland, OR swap meet soon. 8-10 hours of walking for this old guy. Was thinking of pushing my two wheel dolly through the show, and, would like to attach a fold down seat to the uprights. I have plenty of ideas for seats, need ideas for the attachment.

Uprights on the dolly are approximately 1 inch diameter tubing. Ideally, the seat would be easy to remove and replace.

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Ivan Vegvary

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Ivan Vegvary
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Get one of the little tripod folding camp stools and a bungee cord. Use the bungee cord to strap the camp stool to the dolly. Remove the camp stool when needed in a few seconds.

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Pete C.

1" conduit clamps bolted to a chunk of plywood. Two good hinges to attach to the seat platform. Another pair of hinges for a fold out seat brace under the platform.
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Steve W.

I have been taking a 2 wheel dolly to workshops where there isn't enough bench space for the last few years. I made a shelf for it that might answer your "seat" needs: I simply bent two L shaped brackets out of 1/2" square bar with legs each about 1 foot long. I attached them to the uprights of the dolly with radiator hose clamps. 2 clamps for each leg. One of the clamps is prevented from sliding downward by a cross member on the dolly. The horizontal legs of the L brackets would obviously point toward the front of the dolly. I simply C-clamp my little bench top to the horizontal legs, but you might want to do something more creative. In my case, I set my shelf at about 30 inches high, but you would use a lower cross member, so you could sit. Again, in my case, I have to place a heavy object on the "toe" of the dolly, so it doesn't tip back when I am using the shelf. This wouldn't be an issue for you. To remove the shelf brackets, I just loosen the hose clamps slightly, pull out the L brackets and leave the hose clamps in place. I'm a blacksmith, so the dolly is really handy anyway for the 2 or 3

5-gallon pails full of tools that many of us bring. If you, too brought some kind of container, you could buy more stuff!

Hope this helps, Pete Stanaitis


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On Tue, 30 Mar 2010 18:22:19 -0700, the infamous "Ivan Vegvary" scrawled the following:

Holy Moley! That's a big meet, isn't it?

You're talking about a hand truck, right?

You could always cut a slot in the seat and drop it down over the uprights, welding buttons on the uprights for stops. Or you could weld brackets on the top, mount casters, and build a new handle. Then extend the original platform plate with an L-shaped seat

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I have one of these. Mount a seat on the bottom plate. Or, just put a trunk on it and sit on that. Fill it up with your swap goodies + lunch, snacks, and lots of extra water.

I took one of these to COMDEX every year, tied to the back of my belt:

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It went up and down stairs easily and every 30 seconds, I'd hear "Damn, great idea. I'll have to do that next year." I even had my business signs on the side like an old horse-drawn job.

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Larry Jaques

I have always liked those two wheeled dollies that had a fold down arm that made it a four wheel cart. If you can't find one with a seat on there, it would not be hard to weld one on. Don't forget your Bar Buoy, horn, and MP3 player. Have fun.


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Steve B

Make it look like this

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I'd cut a plywood rectangle and attach rope to each corner. The rear ropes tie the seat to the uprights and suspend it from a crossbar, the front ones run down diagonally from near the handles. You could bungee on a boat cushion.

If you buy something large you can fold or remove the seat and maybe even use the wood and rope to help secure it.

A simple way to attach the rope to the seat is to drill a hole the rope barely fits through near each corner and thread the rope down through the rear hole and diagonally across underneath, then up through the front hole. Tie a figure eight knot under the holes so the rope won't pull through. Then if the plywood cracks the rope still supports you.


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Jim Wilkins

How about a 5 galon bucket with a "hunters bucket seat" top? You can use the bucket to store your purchases.

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Stormin Mormon

Go to a golf store, they have seats that clamp onto pull-carts.

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