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Do you by any chance have one on a compressor from The Cornelius Co out of Minneapolis Minnesota? The compressor is a 130RO300-8.

I was told it was last being used as a scuba tank compressor, but it was previously used for aircraft circa WWII. This one has a small gas motor to drive it.

I'm trying to determine its max operating pressure so I can see if I can use it to fill my airguns or better yet my SCBA tanks that I use to refill my airguns in the field.

If its only SCUBA pressure I can still use it directly as none of my current guns uses a fill pressure over 3100.

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Bob La Londe
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If it is a B-29 bomb door system compressor it had a working pressure of 3,000 psi. At one time these compressors were cheap on the surplus market and thus were converted to use for scuba tank compressors.

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John B.

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