ISO20 Tool Holders

I recently converted one of the little 24K mills from a straight ER collet spindle to an ISO20 spindle nose. I LIKE IT A LOT. I haven't even taken the time to enter all the tools into the tool height table and it already saves me a lot of time at the machine. As soon as it was operational I ordered another ISO20 spindle for its sister machine.

I suppose I should have asked before I implemented it, but have any of you guys used ISO20? Did you have any issues? Its a taper fit tool shank, but its an awfully small taper.

So far the only thing I've run across that seems weird is the pull stud flats don't seem to match up with any standard size metric or SAE wrench. I have been using a small Crescent (tm) to give them a light snug down before loading a tool in the holder.

Setting up the air for it seemed daunting at first, but I just went through it in a step wise manner and mounted a manual 5 port valve at the front of the machine.

The spindle swap itself was dead simple. Not much more involved than a swap for a like type spindle. There are some feedback outputs on the spindle I am not using since it will not be used (for now) with a carousel or a wine rack.

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