Jacobs #16 chuck repair

I sorted my pile of drill chucks today, and one of them was a Jacobs #16 ball bearing super chuck. It seems to be in OK shape, except that, sadly, its "rear end" is tapered for some sort of small taper, and is quite torn. I feel like, if I had a proper tool or technique, such as a proper reamer, I could ream the hole for a bigger Jacobs taper and get a functional chuck.

So, is there some simple procedure for fixing said chucks? It would be sad to throw it away.


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I would assume that one can buy repair parts from Jacobs, just as you can buy parts for Albrecht chucks from Albrecht. MSC also carries some (but not all) repair parts for both brands.

I today mailed a keyless chuck (160) off to Albrecht for repair (botched J6 taper) and rebuild. Cost is $25 plus parts.

Joe Gwinn

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Joseph Gwinn

I've done that with a reamer that I cut and set up in the mill. You just have to figure the right dimensions to modify the reamer. They might make such, I never looked. I just had a bunch of reamers I could afford to destroy.

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Tom Gardner

Can you "Egyptian Pyramid" a jacobs taper with the tool bit in the vise and the chuck tightened onto a bar in a collet or end mill holder? :-) You could get a smooth taper by tilting the Bridgeport head, indicating it to your larger Jacobs taper shank. Or perhaps you have a lathe?

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I do not have a lathe. I do have some sort of a R8 adapter with a threaded male end. I may try to find out if I have a matching tap, if so, I could try to accurately locate a center, bore out and tap the chuck for the thread on the R8 adaptor. Then I would make some thingy for making sure that the thread does not unscrew during reverse operation. I have nothing to lose, as they say, besides my chains.


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