Lathe identification

I just got a small lathe, about 12 inches, with no name, logo or other
markings. Can anyone tell me what I have or tell me where I might find
information about it. It can be seen at:
formatting link

Thanks - Charles
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Charles Kroon
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Looks like some sort of an automated staff /pinion cutting machine... Why don't you lubricate it, center and chuck up a small piece of brass, put power to both pulleys, and see what happens?
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Enders Epilogue
Some sort of scale would be helpful. It appears to be a lathe used by watchmakers. Try a horological news group. ERS
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Eric R Snow
Looks to be a production lathe or "turns" for either watches or instrumentation. It appears to me to be for repetetive operations, anyway, rather than being a tool for a watch repairer.
Seems to be a copy lathe of sorts. Does the toolpost have an auto feed to it, or does it have to be moved manually? Any sign of a cam or template that may guide the cutting tool?
A fellow by name of Theodore R. Crom has a book or two out on horological tools. I'd suggest a google search of that name with the term "horological tools" will give you some titles, and a trip to your local library for an interlibrary loan.
Try posting over at alt.horology as well
Cheers Trevor Jones
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Trevor Jones
Watch or screw making - interesting cam on the right side... Lots of controls.
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Martin H. Eastburn

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