Hi all, I am new here. I have just bought a Granville Senior Lathe,(some parts are similar to a Myford ML7) probably as old as I am. Unfortunately the leadscrews on the cross slide and topslide are not as desired. The crossslide has got a really badly worn nut with about 4mm play longitudinally.You can see the wear marks on the screw. The Topslide has had the original leadscrew removed, the topslide reversed and a new hole drilled and threaded to take what looks like a Whitworth thread.

So , my question is, where can I get replacements? do I a) send off to an engineering company to get new screws and nuts? b) obtain Myford screws and nuts? Does anyone know if they will fit?

I I go for option a), is it worth going for a ball-screw system?

If I had a working lathe I could I suppose cut some new screws, but its a bit like 'theres a hole in my bucket'

Does anyone have a copy of the manual for the lathe? I would be willing to purchase one.

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