Learned something about magnets today :-)

Hello all I had to do some mods to a welding machine at work. Its a cobbled together piece of crap but does the job, which is to weld an end cap onto an inch and a half 18 ga tube. The cap is 4" in dia and sits into a steel cup with a couple of small magnets to hold it in place while assembling before welding. The cup was getting worn so I drew up another one and sent it out for machining. Thinking that the original magnets were a little wimpy, I upgraded them to a couple of 3/4" rare earth ones. On receiving the cup and installing the magnets I though I might have gone a little overboard as the end cap snap with a clang into the cup. Undettered, I installed it in the machine and had the operator run a part through. As he ran the first on there was an ungodly racket from the weld as it rotated around, twice. A little puzzled, we though maybe some contamination on the tubing caused the weld to screw up. So we put in another part and the same thing happened. Looking closer at the results, the weld problems were over the magnets, I then clued in that the super magnets were blowing out the arc as it passed over them. I took it back, removed the magnets and had new holes installed father out and much smaller (3/8") Works much better now :-) They say the best way to learn is from ones mistakes, then I must be a bloody genius :-)

James Crombie

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James P Crombie
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low temperature. And they burn. So be careful. ERS

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Eric R Snow

I rarely trust what "they" say.

I do agree that the best way to learn is by observing mistakes, but I prefer them to be others' mistakes.


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Jeff Wisnia

And two good things about learning from your own mistakes..

The next time you f*ck up..you know exactly when to cringe, or duck.


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Good answer, Jeff! May I quote you?

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Ron Thompson


However, one should never waste a perfectly good mistake: Trade teachers charge a lot for collecting their and others' mistakes and selling them.

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John Husvar

As long as their mistake doesn't get you too.


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