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Well, as a few might know, I immigrated to Australia 6 years ago. I closed out my machine shop, but couldn't afford to bring the machines, however I brought over almost all my tools and tooling, intent on having a killer home hobby machine shop. Ah, well, not to be. Diagnosed several weeks ago with group 4 glioblastoma. Underwent surgery and virtually all traces of the tumor are gone, but tomorrow we venture back to Sydney for

6 weeks radiation and chemo. Yay! BTW, treated at the best neurosurgery hospital in AU, by the best. Surgery was a cake walk, but if I never have to have another fucking catheter, it'll be too soon... lol.

Anyway, I need to offload my tooling. I'm in Cootamundra, NSW, hour out of Wagga, couple hours out of Canberra. Any Aussie folks here that might be interested, contact me directly. I'll be working on a Google photo album, and will provide the link to interested parties. Can't say what shape I'll be in in a few weeks, so most likely, will be pick up only in Coota.

Regards to all,


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Jon Anderson
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Sorry to hear that.

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Damn ... I hate to hear that! I remember your going to AU & your successes with your job there. That was back when RCM was a lot more social ... before the rabid immigrants from alt.survival et al ruined it.

Emptying my shop would be very hard for me - you seem to have accepted it better than I could. Doing what needs to be done - good on you.

Modern medicine is absolutely amazing, although the unpleasantness's (e.g. catheters) are still with us. Wishing you as few as possible.

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Bob Engelhardt

I remember but not that it was that long ago...


So sorry to hear this :(

Thoughts and wish you the best with all of this...

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Leon Fisk

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