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I am thinking of purchasing this MIG setup with cart for around $600.
Any opinions?
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I have the Lincoln 175SP+ wirefeed and I love it. It is the 220v. model which gives you the ability to weld bigger things. But this restricts you as to portability. Somewhat. I just got a 100' extension cord.
It depends on what goes with the welder as to whether the price is good. They are around $750 new, and all that includes is the regulator, gun, and a small spool of wire. If it has a tank and extra goodies, that would make it a better deal. Don't know how it is where you live, but be sure about the gas bottle if one is involved in the deal. They are rented, leased, or owned. You may run into problems trying to fill it if it is rented or leased. They will want more $$, or just keep it and thank you. If it is owned by the person, get a paper saying this and saying he is selling it to you.
The machine is a GREAT machine. I like mine a lot, and just finished a 20' wide x 7' high gate with it. Welds really good and easy to move around. You can build lots of stuff and make repairs that will make you money.
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New or used? Is it the SP-175T or the SP-175+ or a Lowe's or Home Depot version? I'm guessing you're looking at the Lowe's version with a free cart that's currently $597. If you're not you probably should be. :-D
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That is the SP-175T, possibly with a slightly different model number to distinguish it as theirs.
If that's the case it's an excellent welder and a fair price for a new one. I have an SP-170T which the same welder with an older model number. I love it!
Home Depot has the same welder but it's called the HD 3200 or something like that. I noticed it was also $597 or so in a recent sales flyer but I don't know if it included the cart.
The SP-175+ has variable voltage instead of a 5-position switch and is quite a bit more expensive.
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Keith Marshall
The 175 Lincoln has been a good performer for me. Daily use in a job shop has proven it to be a cut above the 'hobby welders' in the 175's class. In fact our guys will often grab it ahead of the bigger mig units.
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