Norton on a Shirline

I am new to this newsgroup. I have been working off and on since 1990
on a 1/3 scale working model of a 1937 Norton motorcycle. The engine
will be very basic on the inside, and will look as close as I can get it
to the real motorcycle on the outside. This will run, shift, brake,
etc. So far, I have, on paper only, the engine finished 90%, the frame
95%, primary 60%, transmission 10%, brakes/wheels 90%.
Anybody out there tackle a project like this?
I would love to hear from you if you have. I am not after any
"secrets", I am just a person who enjoys a challenge building and
designing projects. By the way, the reason I decided to do this is in
1990 a machinist told me that "it would be impossible to build a
motorcycle on a miniature mill and lathe". After a little research, I
discovered he was wrong, in my opinion, and decided to prove my point.
The CAD work was done with AUTOCAD and CADKEY.
Ernie Daniel
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Ernie Daniel
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I haven't but it can definitely be done. Check this out:
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Sorry, but it's a big file and I can't find anything about it other than the movie itself but it's impressive! The guy built a working model of a Ferrari that actually runs and shifts and everything.
Actually I don't think he mentions what equipment he used to make it but I'm sure it can be done.
Best Regards, Keith Marshall
"I'm not grown up enough to be so old!"
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Keith Marshall

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