Mounting a metal shear

I just purchased the Enco 8 inch plate shear. I need to mount it onto
something otherwise when you pull on the handle the shear tilts
forward and you loose the leverage to cut things. I like to keep the
shear portable...Has anyone found a way to do this. The shear has
four mounting holes. I started to build a small stand for it....but
since I got interupted before welding the stand up, I thought I might
ask here before I go any further.
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If you have a bench you can clamp it to the bench top with C clamps. I have a hand-operated punch that I do that with, it works OK.
When you do build a table for it (if you do) then make sure you screw it to a wall. Really stabilizes things. Also, think about designing the capability for stops, fence, etc. so you can do repetitive work accurately.
Um, if you happen to have a big milling machine sitting around you can use milling clamps to clamp it to one end of the table, should be plenty stable.
I for one would be interested in how well that works out for you.
Bruce wrote:
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Grant Erwin
I have a heinrich shear that has a little metal tongue hinged on the base that flips down to be clamped in a vise - you could bolt the sheat to a t-section of hotrolled or aluminum and then just clamp the T in the vise when you want to use it. Of course that means you wil have to have your vise bolted to the bench...
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Nicholas Carter
(clip) I like to keep theshear portable (clip) ^^^^^^^^^^^ I picture a pair of steel rails, say 1/4" x 2", running from the front to the back of the shear, and bolted under the feet at each end. On your bench, you create a pair of slots that those will slide into. The shear will not tilt, but will slide out easily.
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Leo Lichtman
My smaller shear is bolted to a 3' long 2x6. Works on the ground or a bench. The 8" ought to work OK attached to something a bit larger.
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Bob Powell
I will post some photos of the mount early next week. But what I ended up doing was mounting the shear to a 2x3 foot plate of metal, then welded some 2 foot long 4inch I-beams to the bottom of this, added a set of wheels to the back of the mount so I can roll it around the shop. My shear is kind of big to be lifting up and down onto my bench or into my vice. It weighs about sixty pounds and has a 44 inch long handle. That was the main problem with puting it on my work bench, the handle is so long, that I can't reach up to pull it down with any leverage when it is on my bench. Now I can roll it to a corner of my shop and by lifting one end, it will sit upright and take up very little space in my shop. The down side is I end up working on the floor.....
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