Little Giant coolant pump question

I have a Little Giant coolant pump that is rated 3A 110v. This is a
centrifugal pump with a separate motor compartment and separate
impeller compartment. This pump spent about a month in the back of my
truck before I started looking at it. The motor compartment, which has
a seal around its cover, was filled with fluid that looked like a
mixture of oil with water.
My question is, are these compartments supposed to be empty, or filled
with oil, for lubrication and motor cooling purposes?
I found that the pump runs (it had something minor out of order, such as
loose setscrew that holds the impeller on the shaft), and I would like
to try to run it for a couple of hours, but I am not sure what do I
need to do with this motor compartment, is it supposed to be dry or
I have a use for this pump in mind, so it would be great if I could
use it.
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Bruce, thanks. I looked at the website. It is fairly clear to me that this is an "oil filled submersible pump", so I will fill it with some hydraulic oil leftovers that I have.
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