lock pick gun design questions please

I got asked a question today that I need some help with if possible...
Does anyone have references which show the internals of a lockpick gun?
If I understand the theory correctly, the trigger pulls the pick down
against a spring which is preloaded so it releases with an adjustable force.
The questions relate to how that force is regulated in reference to the
trigger movements.
I'm hoping someone has an online diagram of the workings of such a gun, or
could email me a scan of a gun, or sketches to help answer the questions.
The end result may end up being a recreation of the design, but with a
collet where the pick usually is, and replaceable texturing stamps in it's
Des Bromilow
emails to snipped-for-privacy@citec.com.auV2
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Des Bromilow
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how about a rubber band holding the pick down and when you use the trigger the pick goes up ...i have seem the homemade ones with the pick attached onto an old vibrating electric shaver motor.. it worked....just something to get the pick going up and down.....
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Whatever you do, don't ask this question over at alt.locksmithing.
They have no sense of humor and downright hostility towards anyone that's not a locksmith. Don't ask how I know.
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Jim Stewart
These are very slow, and hard to use. The much more effective design of gun is a shotgun.
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Ian Stirling
Try this at
formatting link

4,156,375 Apparatus for picking pin tumbler cylinder locks
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