Looking for a lathe in Seattle area

I'm in the market for a lathe. Of course, now that i have a little money to
throw at it, boeing surplus and James G Murphy have got nothing at all. I
could buy a new unit in the 13x36 or 14x40 range, but i'd rather find
something used that would hopefully be a bit larger. The primary use would
be turning up to 4" diameter aluminum tube (and possibly 6"), reducing the
OD, cutting internal and external snap ring grooves and internal threads.
In a perfect world it would have a large spindle bore so i could pass the
tube through the headstock instead of using a steady rest when possible.
Anyways, if anyone knows of a lathe that would fit the bill, somewhere in
the pacific northwest (within a couple hundred miles of seattle), please
drop me line.
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Greg Deputy
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That 4" plus spindle bore might be a problem....
John Martin
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Well, yeah. I should have said 'in a FANTASY world' rather than 'in a perfect world'. If I had 15k to spare I would go buy a large spindle bore lathe, but alas, i'm not yet that rich...
Realisticly, i'm hoping to find something around a 14" swing with a long bed, but i may just 'settle' and buy a 13x40 grizzly or something.
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Greg Deputy
I saw a nice one in today's Little Nickel:
Victor lathe 1630 5 HP 6 jaw 10 inch buckchuck, $3,000. 360-387-0961 (Camano)
They also have:
BRIDGEPORT MILL. 2 HP, vary drive, chrome, D.R.O. power feed, $3500
Boy, prices are sure great now. That's a sweet deal if in good shape.
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Grant Erwin
reducing the
somewhere in
Good Morning,
I have a friend that is selling two large lathes (not sure how big) near Olympia. Send me your phone # and I will get him in touch with you.
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