Hobby work in Seattle area?

I hope this is the correct group to post this.

Does anyone know of any shops/individuals in the Seattle, WA area that do "hobby work" type metal work (maybe on the side). I say "hobby work" because what I need done doesn't need aerospace-type precision.

Without getting into too much detail, I'm looking to have internal snap-ring grooves put into several different lengths (12", 15", 20") of 1.5" aluminum pipe. Aother hobbyist I know in Virginia had this done for $25 per pipe, so I'm trying to find something in the same price range.

Ric T. snipped-for-privacy@sct.org

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If you're willing to travel south of that area, roughly exit 71 from I-5, I can do them for you, and it would cost one hell of a lot less than $25 per pipe, assuming you don't need more than a couple grooves in each one.


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