looking for phenolic sheet source / info

I have been looking around for a source for phenolic sheet (1 inch thick),
and am having trouble getting a decent quote on this product. I am in
western Canada, and would appreciate any input the group may have regarding
potential sources, or leads. To date, the best price has been $600 (cdn)
for a 4' x 4' sheet... is that the norm?
Thanks in advance,
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Phenolic is very expensive but you can order right from the manufacturer. Their web site is:
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-- repairing and building fine custom cues for real pool players at affordable prices. over 30 years experience. Richard H. Neighbors web sight
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(513) 242-1700 cinti. oh.
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Boris Mohar
I know of a few surplus stores in my area that have some large and small pieces of it send me a email if you only need a limited amount and I will check what they have in stock, I'm going to both of them tomorrow bill k snipped-for-privacy@earthlink.net
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Bill K
It depends on what you are looking for but, I buy fron thease people and the prices are very good on what I buy. Website has prices.
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I've also purchased from these guys. Good prices and service.
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Jim Stewart
Been there, done that. I buy from AIN plastics with branches all over the US, will take plastic and cut off exactly what you want. How much do you want? I still have a couple of sq ft. Brian. Waterloo Ont.
Ryan wrote:
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Brian Fairey

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